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Basic and Advanced training | Conflict management for HR professionals

As a people manager, you are often confronted with tensions in organisations: You moderate conflict situations between management, executives and team members, sometimes also with external stakeholders such as applicants. At the same time, of course, you also have disagreements with superiors or colleagues.

If tensions remain unresolved, they affect the productivity of individuals and entire teams, make people dissatisfied, demotivate them - and cost the company a lot of money. Perhaps you therefore also have a special responsibility in your HR role to de-escalate conflicts and respond professionally and in a solution-orientated manner? 

Conflict management is a challenging task - especially when conflicts of interest, busy working days, sensitive issues and the high mental load of a people-centred role are added to the mix. 

In order to meet these many demands, it is very helpful to have basic theoretical knowledge and tools for conflict management at hand. This will enable you to handle stressful situations with confidence and be part of the solution.

Expertise & new impulses

You will learn about basic models from conflict research (the iceberg model and Glasl's escalation stages) and the different conflict styles that typically occur in teams. I will also give you ideas on how to remain confident as a people manager and support those involved in finding a solution.

In 90 minutes, you will take away essential know-how that you can apply directly in your organisation.

Dates & Registration

I will announce the dates for 2024 here soon. You can then register using the registration form below. I will then invite you with a video call link. 



Please send me a message via the contact form if I can put you on the waiting list.

What participants say

Isabelle Zimmer, Mystery Minds

Isabelle, Head of People & Culture at Mystery Minds

It was extremely exciting and very instructive!
I am in - sign me up!

Thank you for registering! I will send you the invitation afterwards.

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