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Deep Dive | Team conflict resolution team

Unresolved conflicts make teams unproductive, sluggish and usually frustrate everyone involved.

When HR departments suggest mediation as a resolution format, there is often concern about lengthy, open-ended and costly processes.

That's why I work differently - in Deep Dive!

In a format lasting just four hours, the parties to the conflict set out their issues and positions in a focussed manner, discuss their perceptions and interests and agree on binding next steps. As an expert, I accompany the process and moderate the exchange using tools from coaching, mediation and non-violent communication.

Advantages of the Deep Dive

  • As a people manager, you interrupt the conflict dynamic with a clear and manageable work package

  • You show support and appreciation towards the employees

  • You bring in external expertise and are therefore no longer actively involved in the conflict system yourself

  • Your company uses the Deep Dive format as a tool for modern HR work

  • As an HR peer, I will provide you with carefully observed and practical recommendations for the next possible steps

Structured process & fixed price

  • Clarification of the assignment with the HR department or manager (45-60 minutes)

  • Preliminary discussions with the parties involved in the conflict (30-90 minutes)

  • Joint conflict resolution with the parties involved for one morning on site or remotely (240 minutes)

  • Final discussion with HR department and/or manager in which I share my impressions and recommendations from an HR perspective (30 minutes)

  • You are currently investing 1,600 € plus 19% VAT in a Deep Dive instead of 1,900 € plus 19% VAT.

What customers say

Rebekka Wegner.jpeg

Rebekka Wegner, Head of HR at Retresco

We recently asked Katharina to support us as a mediator in a team conflict and the decision in her favour proved to be spot on. She conducted the mediation briefly, effectively and thoroughly professionally. Her precise and at the same time wonderfully empathetic intervention immediately led to a noticeable improvement in the team dynamics. She empowered everyone in the team to actively participate in the solution process and contribute their perspectives. Katharina is my unreserved recommendation when things get sticky!
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