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Trainings & Workshops

Wherever people come together and work with each other, small and large tensions arise - this is normal and yet often a taboo. Many organisations lack the confidence to deal with disagreements because people instinctively shy away from arguments and many have not learned the basics of conflict management. 

  • Which mindset and which tools from business coaching and conflict mediation help HR business partners and managers to handle disagreements with confidence?

  • How can conflict management succeed in intercultural and diverse teams?

  • How do constructively managed conflicts contribute to organizational development?

In training sessions I share my knowledge and experience around effective conflict management with you and your teams. You will learn basics and methods that you can apply on a daily basis to make your organization more calm and robust in dealing with tensions. As a People Manager, you can make your contribution to developing successful and more satisfied teams in which conflicts have a positive influence on the development of the company. 

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