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Mediation and Conflict moderation

Conflicts between employees often escalate quickly and weaken organisations – especially when the dispute smolders between key positions that are central to the company’s success. A lot of money, time and energy is invested by HR and managers in understanding and resolving the substantive issues – often under high time pressure and without creating the appropriate confidential and open-ended discussion atmosphere. As a result, the parties involved are usually even more stressed, the efforts remain superficial and have no lasting success.

  • Are you managing a heavy workload in your HR role and don’t have the time or mental capacity to deal with a conflict in the team with the necessary calm and depth?

  • As a people manager, do you find it difficult to be neutral in a conflict and to approach all parties involved with an open mindset?

  • Do you have pressure to act and succeed from team leads, management and/or investors and are unsure how to approach a conflict in a meaningful way?

  • Are you afraid high performers will quit because of the disagreements? Are you even threatened with proceedings before the labor court in case of further escalation?

  • Do you want to negotiate exit conditions with an employee and would like support for constructive discussions that are beneficial for both sides?


As an experienced mediator and people manager, I help you to get a conflict under control. I first get a picture of the situation in one-on-one calls and then work out the background and trigger factors in confidential meetings with the parties involved. I support them in better understanding the other person's perspective, in communicating their own needs and in reaching binding agreements with each other. In a follow-up meeting, I summarise the key results and next personnel development steps for you and the management.

Mediation and Conflict Moderation
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