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Conflict Coaching and Consulting

Sometimes tensions are very complex and urgent, so HR professionals want sparring to analyse possible causes and next steps. In some cases, conflicts are already so far advanced that mediation between the parties is no longer promising. In these cases, I offer one-to-one meetings for HR managers, executives and/or the parties involved in the conflict. 

  • Are you looking for a sparring partner with integrity who can support you in developing your own solutions for dealing with an inner or interpersonal conflict?

  • Do you want an HR peer with whom you can discuss and systematically work through a complex situation?

  • Would you like to support the conflicting parties with coaching so that they can discuss and reconsider their options in a confidential setting?

Through systemic questions, I help you or your colleagues to unravel complex situations and to regain the ability to act. Here I rely my 10 years of practical experience as a People & Culture Manager as well as my practice as a business coach and mediator.

Conflict Coaching and Counseling
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