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My expertise is aimed in particular at employees in human resources. As an HR manager, you are often entrusted with resolving conflicts. However, busy schedules, pressure to succeed and the balancing act between representing company and employee interests make it difficult – sometimes impossible – to intervene in acute and deadlocked disputes in a calm, precise and solution-oriented manner. 


I support you in this dilemma. As a certified mediator, I bring the conflicting parties together and accompany them in working out new ways for their future cooperation. If you wish, I can also support you in your HR function through coaching and counselling to explore the next operational and strategic steps in a specific conflict case. I also provide training for HR teams, managers and employees in the areas of conflict management, the basics of mediation and constructive, non-violent communication.​


I have worked with clients such as Babbel, Choco, Kontist, CareerFoundry, PlusDental, AroundHome, Timeless Investments, Fraugster, cofenster, Limbic Entertainment and Technische Universität Berlin.



Mediation for Teams and Leaders

In moderated talks, I bring the conflicting parties together and accompany them in working out constructive ways for their cooperation. Key talents stay in the company and learn to manage interpersonal conflicts together and in a solution-oriented way.


Coaching & counselling on acute conflicts

As an HR expert and conflict resolution consultant, I support you in your HR role to explore the next steps in a conflict within the team. Our sparring opens up new and promising options for conflict resolution.


Training for HR & Leadership Teams

 I impart practical basic knowledge on conflict management and non-violent, constructive communication in trainings. In this way you can prevent disruptive tensions and make leaders more aware of their responsibility in managing conflicts.

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